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MODIFIED: May 5 2016

The following are the terms of service for our services. By entering into a contract or purchasing a service you are bound to these terms. Once you put a deposit down you are considered under contract. Unless otherwise stated, “Inception Web Designs”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Inception Web Designs LLC. When “you”, “your”, or “client” is used it refers to those having purchased services from or are under contract with Inception Web Designs.

We reserve the right to turn down any request for services, even after an invoice has been issued but a deposit is not yet paid. This may be due, but not limited to a request for: material or designs that are or promote illegal activities, hate or prejudice, terrorism, graphic violence, pornography, or anything that could reflect badly on company image or we do not wish to promote.

Payment Method & Late Fees

All project payments and deposits must be paid online by credit or debit card through PayPal. Cash and checks are not currently accepted. Any payments received after the invoice’s due date will be subject to a fee of $25 or 5% of the invoice, whichever is greater.

Cancelled Services & Refunds

Any contract for services is not binding until the deposit is paid and can be cancelled without penalty. After the deposit is paid, any cancellation on your part (regardless of reasons) will result in a forfeit of either a portion or all of the deposit. If the deposit is less than $100 then no refund will be issued. Any time spent on the project will be billed at a rate of $60 an hour and deducted from the deposit. Any billable hours that exceed the amount deposited will be billed to you, but will not exceed the contract’s invoice total. If requested, any design work that has already been completed will be turned over to you. If billable hours exceed the deposit, then any design work will not be turned over until the billable time has been paid for.

Upon the services being cancelled and the refund issued (if applicable) then the contract will be considered void and no longer binding. With the contract broken, we are not required to maintain a copy of any designs or concepts that may have already been completed and any future services requested by you may require full payment in advance.

Draft & Project Approval

When we send you a draft of your project, you have up to 10 days to review it. If you do not request any changes within those 10 days, the draft will be considered “approved”. If revisions are requested, then they will be made and then resubmitted back to you for review. You will have 5 days to review the resubmitted material. If it is still not to your liking, you may request revisions one more time with a 5 day review period. The changes will be made, resubmitted, and if yet more revisions are requested on the same draft, hourly rates will apply. If your contract allows for more than 2 revisions, then hourly rates would only apply if the revisions exceed those in the contract.

All projects are submitted to you when complete for your “approval”. This allows you to conduct a final review and request any revisions that were not requested when reviewing the draft. If you determine that the content you approved of in a previous draft (such as a particular webpage) is no longer to your liking, we typically try to accommodate your request, if the revision is small enough. However, for larger revisions to parts of the project that were previously approved, hourly rates may apply. This does not apply to website bugs, typos, or other errors, as we will always fix those for free even if that part of the site was already approved.

Changing Project Content

Understandably, getting a logo, website, or even marketing material designed is one of the first things you may do for your company or product. Your company or product may be in the early stages of development and therefore change somewhat while we are working on your project. For example, the name of the company or product may change. This would require an updated or even completely different logo. Likewise, a website or other graphic design material would most likely need to be updated. This update would not be included in the original project invoice. In most situations with a website or marketing material, a small fee (billed hourly) will be added to the contract. With a logo, the previous design will be considered complete and you will need to pay for the new logo on a separate invoice. You could liken your web or graphic design project to building a house. If the contractor already has the walls up, changing the size of the rooms would not be free. Likewise, if the walls have been painted, changing their color would require paying the painters a second time. The same applies to changing aspects of your design project with us.

Besides changing logos, websites, or other design material, you may decide that you no longer want an option in your contract. For example, you have a website being designed, but now realize that you do not want or need a particular webpage or website feature that is already listed in your project contract. If that part of the project has not been designed or developed yet, we try hard to accommodate the wish and deduct it (if itemized) from the project. When it is not itemized in the project invoice, then we will provide you a monetary value for its deduction. However, if that part of the project has already been designed or developed, then we cannot provide any deduction on your invoice.

Project Deposit & Payment

Our clients always receive a proposal detailing what their design project will include and the price. Before work can begin, a deposit must be made. This varies depending on the size of the project. Your invoice will list the deposit fee.

Unless otherwise stated in the invoice, the remainder of the balance is not due until 10 days after the project is complete and is “approved” by you. Once the final payment is received, the project will be considered complete.

WordPress Templates & Plugins

Since we did not design or code the particular template that may have been used for your website, we are not responsible for any bugs or limitations that template may have. It is rare you will ever have such an issue, as we only use thoroughly tested templates. However, no product is perfect and although we will do our best to work around any such issues, some bugs may be dependent on the developer releasing a patch.

The same terms apply to plugins for WordPress. Since we did not design or code them, any bugs or limitations that they have we are not responsible for. In most cases, however, if a plugin has an issue then it can easily be replaced with a similar plugin from another developer that works properly. Do not worry though! We have never had a bug or limitation in a template or plugin cause an issue for a customer that was not correctable.

WordPress & Plugin Updates

If we design a WordPress website for you, it has the ability to easily update its WordPress version, theme, and individual plugins. Typically, these updates are beneficial and patch security or compatibility issues. At times, though, an update could cause a conflict with your website’s functionality. Inception Web Designs is not responsible for any issues that occur from an update after the project’s completion, whether automatic or performed by a user. For this reason, we always recommend backing your website up before performing an update. Please inquire about pricing if you need assistance with backups or updates.

Textual Mistakes & Broken Links

We endeavor to proofread and thoroughly test each website before it goes live. However, at times there may be a broken link or textual mistake. If any such mistakes are found we will correct them free of charge up to 90 days after the project is complete. After 90 days, a charge will apply for any textual or broken link corrections.

A “broken link” would be a link that does not work or is misdirected.

“Textual mistakes” would include misspelled words or typos. It does not include wording that may inaccurately describe you, your company, or your services. All service, product, and descriptive wording must be either provided by or approved by you, so its accuracy is your responsibility. Any changes to the overall wording must be requested no later than the final project review before it is “approved”, otherwise a charge will apply.

Portfolio & Link-Backs

Unless otherwise stated, all websites designed by Inception Web Designs will have a discrete plug at the bottom of each page, with a link-back to our website. Such a link helps us gain future customers and raises our ranking in search engines. This can be removed for a fee of $75 or 5% of the invoice, whichever is greater.

By having your website designed by us, you acknowledge that we may use your website in our portfolio. If you paid the fee to remove our link-back, you may also request that your site not be listed in our portfolio. In the case of highlighting a service provided on our website, only your company name will be used. If there is not a company, only your first name will be used.

For logo design, we can remove your logo from our portfolio for a fee of $25.

Website Backup

Once a web design project is complete, and all content files have either been uploaded to your web host or delivered to you, we are no longer responsible for maintaining a backup of the data. We typically try to keep an original copy of all designs, but this cannot be guaranteed. In addition, if the website uses a database (like WordPress or an Ecommerce), any content created and stored in the database after the initial website’s creation would only exist on that server. We would not have a copy of that data. The database would be your responsibility to back up, if desired. Besides extreme natural or man-made disasters, the only possibility for having the hosted data lost would be if you neglected to pay for the web hosting, causing your account to be closed.

For a small, monthly fee, we do offer regular backup services that can be performed monthly, weekly, or even daily. Feel free to discuss with us your website maintenance needs.

Project Development Liability

We provide you a Project Proposal before development begins. This details what your project will include, as well as an approximate timeline to complete it. We work diligently to honor the timeline, as we want to keep your business. However, we are not liable if a delay in development, or an inability to design a particular feature (as detailed in the Proposal), causes you or your company financial loss or other negative results. Don’t worry though. We have never failed to meet a deadline or deliver the promised features in a Proposal.


As the client, you own the copyright to any website, logo, or graphic that we design for you. Because of this you are solely responsible for any copyright issues that may arise for your design. It is your responsibility to investigate any possibilities of copyright infringement. Inception Web Designs is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise.

MODIFIED: May 5 2016

The following are the terms of service for our Service Plans. By purchasing this service you are bound to these terms. Unless otherwise stated, “Inception Web Designs”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Inception Web Designs LLC. When “you”, “your”, or “client” is used it refers to those having a Service Plan with Inception Web Designs.

WordPress (server) Updates

Unless otherwise stated, all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates will be performed once a month. If, in the rare case, that your website does not function or look correct after an update is performed, then we will restore a previous backup free of charge.

At times the developer of the WordPress core, theme, or a plugin is updated in a way that it produces a conflict with your current setup. A future update may resolve this. But if it does not, updating that particular part of your website (whether it be your theme or plugins) may no longer be possible to update. The monthly service fee does not cover the time that may be needed to research and replace an existing theme or plugin, in order to keep your website fully up to date.

Site Restoration

Some of our service plans include 1 free site restoration each year (whether due to corruption, deletion, or some other non user related issue). However, if your plan does not list this as a feature, then if your website requires a restore for any reason besides a failed server update (see the WordPress Updates heading), then a service charge will apply.

Security Software

Our service plans include professional grade security software. However, it is provided by a third-party. Therefore, we are not responsible for it’s failure to protect against any threat.

This software is not free. We pay monthly fees to keep it up to date. If the service plan is cancelled then the security software license may have to be removed from the website (which may require uninstalling the plugin).