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Our History

I'm Steven Higgins, founder and owner of Inception Web Designs.

I remember designing my first website back in my mid teens. Although I actually worked in the IT support industry for several years, I soon found myself designing and maintaining my employer’s website. So in 2011 I formed Inception Web Designs and it’s grown ever since.

My beautiful and brilliant wife Niki has been an integral part to this company’s journey too. We’re both the adventurous type, so we love to travel and hike, having been to over a dozen countries together. Looking forward to the next dozen!

Owner Steven Higgins with his wife Niki
Steven Higgins with his wife Niki

Our Focus

Owner Steven Higgins in Norway
Hiking in Norway

Our focus is on helping small businesses to grow through their website.

That’s our market — small businesses. And that’s our goal with each site we build — growth. We’ve built our company to provide small businesses the powerful web presence they need at a price they can afford.

So if you’re a small business owner, you’ve come to the right place. From the initial consultation to a website’s final review, I’m involved with each customer’s project.

Why Choose Us?

So many options. So many different results.

There are many large and talented design agencies out there. But if you’ve gotten pricing from them, you know they don't even consider projects under $6000-$10,000. Yeah, that's not in the budget is it?

And then there’s the freelancer you find somewhere online real cheap. But the quality is often not there. Sometimes there's language barriers or time zone differences. And what if you need to update your website later — will that person even be around?

With Inception Web Designs, you won't have any of those issues. Choose us and enjoy big firm quality at small businesses prices.