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Client: CBCinematics

Industry: Video Production

CBCinematics films weddings and produces commercial video. We designed their site to stand out from their competition with a polished visual style and focus on producing sales leads.

Our SEO and Google Ads marketing services led CBCinematics to an increase of 4x their previous monthly sales.

Work done: Web design, search engine optimization, logo design, Google Ads

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"I loved working with them, they were communicative, professional and had a fast turnaround time! Inception Web Designs made a painful process smooth and stress free. I will definitely recommend them and their services."

— Chris (Owner of CBCinematics)

Client: iQuarters

Industry: Luxury Smart Homes

Targeting the ultra high-end smart home market, iQuarters needed a website that looked luxurious, modern, and sophisticated.

We redesigned their site for a rich presentation on mobile and desktop devices alike. SEO, blog articles and Google Ads brought in additional web traffic and CRM integration instantly imports all online sales leads.

Work done: Website redesign, search engine optimization, email marketing, Google Ads, CRM integration

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iQuarters Profile Picture

"The whole process was very professional. We gave a brief description of what we wanted and Inception turned it into a functional and appealing design. We will be using them for many more projects!"

— Phil (Manager, iQuarters)

Client: Annazur

Industry: Spa

One of the leading organic spas in northeast Florida, Annazur already had an established website but needed an improved mobile experience and better SEO.

We redesigned the site for excellent menu navigation with a clean, streamlined appearance that renders beautifully on mobile devices. Monthly SEO work continues to improve the site's organic ranking in search engines.

We implemented a powerful visual site editor which allows the customer to easily post blog articles and revise pricing on their own.

Work done: Website redesign, search engine optimization

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Annazur Spa Profile Picture

"All work was done on time. We just finished this project and are looking forward to starting SEO optimization with Inception."

— Caleb (Co-founder, Annazur Spa)

Client: Squeaky Clean

Industry: Cleaning Service

As a new company with established competitors, Squeaky Clean needed a compelling site that would bring leads.

Since 70% of the site's visitors are on a mobile device, we designed the site with mobile features like one-tap calling.

Our Google Ads campaign brought the client an impressive $8 of revenue per $1 spent on advertising, 50% higher than the national ROI average.

Work done: Web design, search engine optimization, Google Ads

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Customer: Stone, Squeaky Clean

"From website design to managing Google ad campaigns, Inception Web Designs has helped me reach more customers and greatly improved my ROI. They have been my company's best investment!"

— Stone (Owner of Squeaky Clean)

Client: Cornerstone Design

Industry: Remodeling Contractor

Cornerstone Design & Remodel is a luxury home and business remodeling firm in California.

Targeting more affluent clientele, it was essential that their website showcase the uniqueness and distinguished quality of their design work, along with SEO and market research to improve search engine rankings. The end result is one that continues to impress.

Work done: Website redesign, search engine optimization

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"The site looks great! I love the look and flow of the website."

— Duane (Owner of Cornerstone Design)


Client: Riverwood Plantation
Work: Web Design, Google File Integration

Client: BluWave Consulting
Work: Web Design & SEO

Client: OSC Power Washing
Work: Web Design, SEO, Google Ads