WordPress Maintenance Services

We'll protect your website from attacks and keep it running smoothly.

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Goodbye WordPress stress.
Hello results.

With our WordPress Maintenance Plans, we protect your website from malicious attacks, install the latest updates, run backups, provide tech support, improve SEO and more!

Take Your WordPress Website...


Error messages and plugin conflicts

Slow loading speeds

Weak security and unclear backup procedures

Poor rankings in Google and low website traffic

Outdated website content


WordPress, theme, and plugins updated and working

Blazingly fast loading speeds

Strong security with monitoring and regular backups

Improved rankings and traffic from quality SEO

Quick updates from developers easy to reach in the USA

Forcefield Activated

Virus & Malware Forcefield

Professional anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall software is used to protect your site from corruption and hacking. Email filtering blocks spam on your contact forms.

If your site still gets hacked or infected we'll fix it for free!

Calling for Backup

We regularly back your site up to multiple servers. Even if your web host goes down, your site can be restored.

With our Superhero Plan, you also get SEO, speed and mobile optimizations, broken link monitoring, free SEO reports and more.

Superhero Backup for your Website

The Latest Model

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We keep your website safe and regularly install the latest updates for WordPress, the theme, and any plugins used.

If a WordPress feature breaks after an update we've installed, we'll fix it for free.

Discounted Rates

Enjoy a discount on all future services for your website – up to half off on some invoices! This includes discounts on search engine optimization and even the creation of new webpages.

Save Money with Discounted Rates

WordPress Maintenance Plans


$70 /month
  • Anti-virus/malware software
  • Security monitoring
  • Install WordPress Updates
  • Premium SPAM Blocker
  • Review all Notifications
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Discounted Member Rates
  • Phone Consultation
  • Priority Support


$200 /month
  • All of the Hero Plan Services +
  • 404 (broken link) Correction
  • Speed Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Google Search Console Management
  • Monthly SEO Reports
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Additional SEO Work Available
  • Priority Support

WordPress Maintenance FAQ

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Why is WordPress Maintenance important?

Just like a vehicle needs routine maintenance to run well and reduce costly repairs, a WordPress website also needs regular maintenance. Without it, your site could become slow, vulnerable to hackers, get malware, and make future updates difficult.

What happens if a WordPress update breaks my site?

If the website breaks from a WordPress update we perform, we’ll spend up to 1 hour trying to fix the problem for free. If we're unable to get the latest version of the theme or plugin to work properly, then we’ll roll back the update to the most recent stable version.

Are theme and plugin license renewals included?

If we already have an unlimited-sites license for a plugin or theme you're using then we can use our license as a complimentary service. However, ultimately clients are responsible for purchasing all licenses needed. We can provide reminders when these licenses are due to expire.

Can I cancel the maintenance plan later?

Yes. Nobody likes having a long-term service contract, so our customers are always free to cancel whenever they'd like with no penalties.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Since ecommerce websites can vary in size and complexity, please contact us to discuss a custom maintenance plan for your online store.

Do you offer custom maintenance packages?

Yes. If you would like, you can add any amount of support or SEO hours to your monthly maintenance plan. We offer discounts when you add 5 or more hours per month.

What is the maintenance plan's terms of service?

If you're all about the nitty-gritty, you can also read the Maintenance Plan terms of service.

Do you offer web hosting?

Yes! Although not required, allowing us to provide the hosting does allow us to better handle any technical issues with your site's maintenance.

What are your hours and where are you located?

Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm EST. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida in the USA.


Simply submit your information. No payment needed. We'll contact you to discuss your website's details.

WordPress Maintenance