SEM Management Terms

These are the terms of our monthly Search Engine Marketing (SEM) management service. This includes online advertising platforms Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and any other online advertising platform. Unless otherwise stated, “Inception”, “Inception Web Designs”, “our”, and “we” refer to Inception Web Designs LLC. When “client” is used it refers to the person or company purchasing services with Inception Web Designs.

Account Ownership

The advertising account used with Google, Microsoft, or any other platform is always owned by the client, even if they don't have any access to it.

The client may request Read or Admin access, the account ID #, or to transfer the account management to themselves or another party at any time free of charge.

Ad Spend Payee

All SEM ad spend will be paid for by the client directly, using their payment information. This means that Google, Microsoft, and any other advertiser will invoice the client directly for their advertising budget. Inception is not responsible for any incorrect billing issues between the client and the advertiser. Likewise, Inception is not responsible if the advertising account is disabled or otherwise negatively affected because the client's billing information becomes invalid or is no longer accepted.

Campaign Types

Unless otherwise stated, new advertising campaigns will be text "Search" campaigns. Creating and managing Display or Search Partner ads, Google Shopping ads, a Google Merchant Center account, a Microsoft Merchant Center account, or video ads (e.g. YouTube) may cost extra unless already specifically included in the monthly invoice.

Additional Campaigns

Adding new campaigns to an existing SEM account may require a one-time setup fee. The monthly management fee does not usually cover adding these new advertising initiatives.

Creating new website landing pages, marketing emails, or videos to use in connection with a new or existing campaign is never included in the monthly management fee.


All pricing is for a campaign to be created and managed in English. Each language requires its own campaign for proper tracking, even if the only change is the language. Creating an existing campaign in additional languages requires a setup fee for each language. Managing these non-English campaigns will increase the monthly cost of account management. Non-English campaigns may cost more to manage than English campaigns due to having to pay a translator, or the additional time required when working with a client-provided translator.

Management Frequency

Unless otherwise stated, all SEM accounts will be reviewed and managed once a week. The amount of time spent will not exceed 1 hour per every $120 paid per month in management fees. So, for example, with $600 a month in management fees, the client would receive no more than 5 hours of account management. However, less time may be spent managing the account if no additional changes need to be made.


Inception Web Designs aims to create high-converting campaigns for our clients. However, Inception Web Designs is not financially liable for any SEM advertising that does not meet the goals or expectations of the client. There are many factors that are beyond Inception's control, such as the product or service provided, the competition, landing page design (if not designed by Inception), SEM budget, and more.

In addition, most advertising campaigns take 3-6 months to refine and become substantially effective. Even after that period, there will continue to be refinements needed to keep the campaign at its current level, as well as to potentially improve. Thus, no specific performance numbers or goals can be guaranteed.


Unless stated otherwise in a separately signed contract, clients are not under obligation to continue using Inception Web Designs for SEM management.

Clients may end the monthly management service at any time by submitting a request via email. Monthly management fees are prepaid at the beginning of each month. So, if a request is made for the service to be stopped immediately, no refund will be issued for the remaining portion of the month for which the account will not be managed.


All SEM account management and changes will be provided during regular business hours, Monday–Friday 9am–6pm EST, excluding national holidays.

If changes or management is desired outside of these hours, a surcharge may apply even for work that would typically be performed during regular business hours as part of the monthly management fee.


Since each account varies in size and complexity, clients will be provided customized pricing to manage their Google, Microsoft or other advertising account. However, if a custom price is not provided, the monthly management fee is always a minimum of $150 or 15% of the account's ad spend — whichever is greater.

Invoice Autopay

SEM management is automatically billed on the 1st of each new month and prepays for that month's services. Autopay is set up by checking the Authorize future payments option in the recurring invoice page or filling out the Autopay form provided by Inception. It is required to have a credit card on file for autopay when using the SEM management service.

Account Specific Terms

By default, all clients will be under the terms on this webpage for monthly SEM management. However, terms in a custom plan signed by Inception and the client will supersede any found on this webpage.

Terms Can Change

Inception Web Designs reserves the right to change the pricing and what services are included in our monthly SEM management for existing clients who are on a month-to-month arrangement with no contract. Any change in pricing will be made clear to the client before they take effect, allowing them the opportunity to cancel the SEM management if desired. However, any change in Terms of Service can be viewed on this webpage.

These Terms of Service last modified: May 21, 2023