Let our team keep your website safe

Superhero Protecting a City
Superhero Running to Protect Your Website

With our Service Plan, we protect your website from malicious attacks, block SPAM, and keep it backed up. You also get a discount on all future services!

Forcefield Activated

Virus & Malware Forcefield

Professional anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall software is used to protect your site from corruption and hacking. Email filtering blocks spam on your contact forms.

Calling for Backup

We regularly back your site up to multiple servers. Even if your web host goes down, your site can be restored!

Superhero Backup for your Website

The Latest Model

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Your website is kept safe with the latest security patches. We apply software upgrades so your site is always compatible with current web browsers.

Discounted Rates

Enjoy a discount on all future services and updates on your website – up to half off on some invoices!

Save Money with Discounted Rates

Full List of Benefits

Anti-virus/malware protection

Anti-hacking monitoring

Firewall software

Software patches & updates

SPAM blocking subscription

Discounted rates on future services

Free malware or virus repair

Regular backups to offsite servers

Security & performance checks

Database optimization

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If you're all about the nitty-gritty, you can also read the Service Plan terms of service.