What is Wordpress?

WordPress is the most popular blogging and web publishing tool in the world, having been downloaded tens of millions of times. It is a free, open source project. This means that it’s developed by a community of volunteers around the world and is not commercially distributed.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which basically means it provides a central interface from which to publish and edit text, images, and other content to the internet. Although WordPress started off and is still most often used for blogging, it has evolved over the years. It has been used on everything from Justin Bieber fanpages to Fortune 500 companies.

Why is WordPress so popular?

There are a number of reasons why WordPress has become so popular, but here are some of the biggest benefits:

Easy To Use

There are other content management systems that offer more flexibility and features, but few match the simplicity of WordPress. Within minutes, users without any technical experience can launch a slick website. If you get stumped, just go to YouTube.com and you will plenty of video tutorials to guide you.

The WordPress text editor. Notice the similar features with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

WordPress Text Editor Screenshot - Easy To Use

This video explains how basic text editing can be done in WordPress. Simple and easy to use.

Free Content

You can add features to WordPress by installing plug-ins and instantly change your website’s appearance with themes. Although this architecture is used by other products, WordPress has an insanely large amount of free plug-ins and themes – 45,000+ plug-ins  (just on WordPress.org) at the moment.

Easily install free plugins in WordPress.

Install Free Plugins in WordPress


As was mentioned, WordPress is first and foremost a blogging platform. By means of both free and commercial plug-ins, however, nearly any feature can be added to your website. A few examples are: social media integration, shopping carts (ecommerce), and online calendars.

What kind of websites can WordPress be used for?

WordPress is not meant to handle an extremely large, high-traffic website. But note some ways it’s been implemented:

  • Blogs and personal websites
  • Small to medium corporate websites
  • Forum / message board
  • Online store
  • Member-only websites

How have you used WordPress and what do you like most about it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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